Rumor: Is Disney Giving LucasArts the Ax?


ClubJade has a far better round up of the recent rumors, but I’ll just say this, I believe it. It goes right along with my recent predictions that a year from now, there will be nothing in the Star Wars pipeline that isn’t episode 7 related.

This week, another report from GamesIndustry International has been making the rounds. LucasArts told them that the speculation of a shutdown is “one hundred percent not true” and that “everything is moving ahead.”

Ex-employees are less optimistic, echoing much of what you’ll hear from gamers themselves these days:

The studio’s performance in recent years has not impressed former LucasArts employees. One ex-LucasArts employee had this to say: “The ‘business’ has been on life-support since the Star Wars license and subsequent development for their best title went to Bioware/EA. I’m frankly amazed that they’ve stayed in business this long. No stomach for truly original product, and slender means to produce their previous cash cows – Indy and Star Wars.”

The hard truth.


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