Across The Stars- TWL #48


In their latest episode, Karl and Jason are joined by special guest Teresa Delgado of the “Star Wars Bookworms” podcast, Fan Girl Next Door blog, and a member of Jedi News.  Your hosts sit down to discuss the role of romance in the Star Wars films. From the dysfunctional love of Anakin and Padme to the fun flirtations between Han Solo and Princess Leia, your hosts have a grand old time talking love, romance, and Wampa’s!


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  • Zach Genco

    I love Padme Amidala she is my favorite Star Wars character of all time. I love Leia too but not as much as Padme. My favorite SW movie is Episode 2 I think Anakin and Padme were really in love. In Episode 3 she was awesome too but her being pageant really made her not do much I don’t think she knew Anakin was gonna fall to the dark side or she would of really try to save him. The only reason Anakin chocked her at the end is because he saw Obi-Wan on Padme’s ship and he thought that Padme brought Obi-Wan to kill him. I’m sure if Obi-Wan wasn’t sure Padme could of brought Anakin back to the light…She died cause she loved him so much and couldn’t believe he was on the dark side.