Before the Prequel Era — EU Primer #1 – SWBTF Bonus Content


What is this EU Primer of Nathans that we speak of?  Well let’s take a minute and talk about the accessibility of the Star Wars saga, or Expanded Universe (EU) as many are fond of calling it. As Nathan likes to say; “the Star Wars Saga is a vast space fantasy that spans the rise and fall of powers and principalities over the course of over 36,000 years.

Catch that folks? 36,000+ years… …of Star Wars lore…. yeah no wonder some say the EU is inaccessible.

So even though we totally understand why some would say the EU feels inaccessible. That is not the same as saying it IS so. Nathan’s EU Primer is a resource for fans new and old. Again as Nathan puts it; “Luckily, newcomers to the saga’s Official Continuity do not need to know every aspect of this long and varied history. Instead, general knowledge of a series of key events can help a new reader get off on the right foot without being too confused by the scope of it all.”  So one no longer has to feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the many great EU stories out there. Many new fans ask “where should I start?” And with the EU Primer you can get caught up on the need to know events of key series without committing to the many books it would take to be caught up 100%.

Example- Say you want to read Legacy of the Force and learn about Jacen Solo’s fate. You could read the entire 19 book New Jedi Order series, and the Dark Nest Trilogy that follows, or just listen to the relevant EU Primer, and jump in.

As the EU continues to grow Nathan periodically updates the primers- when he does we will post the newest versions in the feeds, as well as keep a permanent link on the home page of The Star Wars Report, under the “Timeline” tab.

So for fans new to the Star Wars Saga, or those who’ve been around since the birth of the Galaxy Far, Far Away; simply put: these ARE the resources you’re looking for. So enjoy, and as always; May the Force be with you.


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