Rumor Alert: 1313 Being Retooled for New Lead Character


In other news, this might actually mean something survives the Disney slaughter of so many Star Wars projects.

Not too long ago, word came out via Kotaku that Lucasarts’ upcoming next-gen Star Wars game was on hold due to the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm. Now a new rumor is floating around that things may begin moving soon in order to retool the game for an existing character in the Star Wars universe. As the game was originally set to star an all-new character (similar to The Force Unleashed), this would be a big change.

Right now the rumor is pointing to possibly being a young Boba Fett or a young Han Solo. As those two are rumored to be the focus of standalone Star Wars movies, making a next-gen game based on them would make sense. There is also a possibility that it could be retooled to feature a Jedi character, although both a Scoundrel or Bounty Hunter would fit more into the 1313 role than a Force User.

It would appear that this rumor comes from Disney’s fear that an unknown Star Wars character wouldn’t be able to effectively sell a big budget next-gen console game. Hardcore fans would eat it up, but Disney is looking at the money side of things and the failure of the two Epic Mickey games is still fresh on their mind.

Right now, this is just a rumor as Lucasarts’ future is still seemingly uncertain following the Disney buyout. But if they have to redo Star Wars 1313 around a popular character to get the game to market, it may be worth it…


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