How to (and Why You Should) Listen to Star Wars Podcasts


EUCantina did a fantastic article a while ago about what Star Wars Podcasts are out there.

However, one thing I’ve noticed in the Star Wars online community is that not nearly enough people listen to Star Wars podcasts.

I think the greatest obstacle is a perceived difficulty of how to find, download then listen to them. It’s not nearly as tricky as it used to be, but before we get into the best ways to subscribe and listen to podcasts we must ask the question:

Why listen to (Star Wars) podcasts?

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this.

“Why would you listen to a podcast when you could read a blog post in less than half the time?”


Star Wars fan commentary is just that. It’s commentary. It should be fun, interesting, and engaging, not faster/easier to consume.

Podcasting is more personal. When you hear a fan’s perspective in his or her own voice, you can relate to it more personally. In this way blogs are to newspapers the way podcasting is to radio.

The earlier stated argument is like saying “Why would you listen to talk radio when you could read a newspaper?” 

You should be listening to Star Wars podcasts and here are the best ways to do so:

  1. Itunes – This is the old school way. Subscribe, iTunes downloads the episodes, the you sync with your iPod or iPhone and Whalah!  
  2. Podcasts app – In my less than humble oppinion, this is the BEST way to listen to podcasts. I love the UI, the design and the features. It’s been known to be kind of buggy but the latest version seems have fixed all of the problems.
  3.  Beyond Pod – For you Andriod users. I haven’t used it myself, but I’ve heard good things.
  4.  Zune – For all 7 of you :)
  5. Black Berry – For all 3 of you 😛

The key is Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe!!! The exact way you do this may vary by system, but don’t make extra work for yourself by manually downloading each episode.

Thanks for reading and while you’re at it, why not subscribe to the Star Wars Report podcast while you’re here:





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  • Bruce Gibson

    I listen to podcasts when driving my car and when doing chores around the house. You can’t read blogs and newspapers when doing those other activities. Plus it’s fun to hear the banter between people.

    • The Star Wars Report

      Couldn’t agree more Bruce. You going to D*C this year?

      • Bruce Gibson

        Yes, I’ll be there. I assuming you will too?

        • The Star Wars Report

          That’s the plan. -R