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K’Kruhk- a Jedi EVERY Star Wars Fan should know.


A Whipid Jedi, who was born some fifty years before the Battle of Yavin. K’Kruhk managed to avoid the spotlight for a long time. Of all the Jedi I have read about, only the Whipid K’Kruhk has rubbed elbows with so many honorable, and venerable Jedi Masters, and lived through so many Galactic conflicts and Jedi Purges.

Read on to learn why you should get to know this fan favorite Jedi.

And no; it’s not just THE HAT.

K’Kruhk has stood shoulder to shoulder with many Council members. And was a Padawan along with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos. Continue reading

A Sentimental 50th- TWL #50

Join Karl and Jason for their exciting, Death Star destroying, Wampa slapping 50th episode! They talk about their favorite Star Wars films and why they love those particular movies so much. And then they go into what it is that made them fall in love, and stay in love with Star Wars! Continue reading