K’Kruhk- a Jedi EVERY Star Wars Fan should know.



A Whipid Jedi, who was born some fifty years before the Battle of Yavin. K’Kruhk managed to avoid the spotlight for a long time. Of all the Jedi I have read about, only the Whipid K’Kruhk has rubbed elbows with so many honorable, and venerable Jedi Masters, and lived through so many Galactic conflicts and Jedi Purges.

Read on to learn why you should get to know this fan favorite Jedi.

And no; it’s not just THE HAT.

K’Kruhk has stood shoulder to shoulder with many Council members. And was a Padawan along with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos.We see him as a fresh young Padawan learning more about the larger world of the Jedi.

We morn along side him as his Master Lilit Twoseas falls on a mission.

We walk with him as he takes command of the 416th Star Corps, and engages the enemy at Teyr.

He leads his clones, but is troubled by the sheer slaughter of his men.

We can achieve the objective, General. We need to press on.

K’Kruhk has his own “Shadows of Mindor” on the planet Teyr. The devastation so bad, the loss of life so great, he turned away from the Order for a time, fleeing without informing the Order of his survival on Teyr.

“As a Jedi, I was taught to preserve life. I led these clones– no, these men– to their deaths. These were living, sentient beings. What I have been asked to do is the opposite of everything I was trained to do as a Jedi.”
-Master K’Kruhk to Mace Windu during his self exile on Ruul

It was on Mace Windu’s Mission to Ruul that K’Kruhk was able to see the true evil in which was running the Confederacy. He agrees to come back to the Order, and encourage other dissident Jedi to do the same, thus preventing another Schism in the Order.

K’Kruhk would later take part in one of the biggest battles of the Clone Wars, The Battle of Saleucami. The battle was one of many in the final weeks of the Outer Rim Sieges. But also one of the most crucial to win. The Separatists had started cloning their own army. Holding their ground the Jedi and their troops fight on. Masters K’Kruhk and Hett make a stand.

He would eventually be assigned to guard a senator against an assassination plot by apparent Jedi gone Rogue Quinlan Vos.

We also watch as he over comes his failures. But refuses to yield to the dark side of his emotions.

He will also have the honor of being one of the few EU Characters to make it into the Genndy Clone Wars TV series as well.

Which meant that he would go up against General Grievous in battle…

And we all know how that ended…

Which actually lead to some novel references! K’Kruhk references pop up in novels like Labyrinth of Evil, Revenge of the Sith, Order 66, and Imperial Commando 501st.

After K’Kruhk’s apparent “death” at the hands of Grievous, we learn K’Kruhk is a lot like Superman. He didn’t die, he went into a deep near death coma to heal. Making him one tough Whipid.

Unfortunately by surviving the General, he was one of the few Jedi to survive witnessing Order 66. When the Younglings he was with at the time of Order 66 are targeted for murder K’Kruhk goes on the attack and saves as many Younglings as he can.

K’Kruhk manages to become the guardian of the last few Younglings left of the Jedi Order. Taking the Jedi’s only hope, he flees.

In fact K’Kruhk is a POWERFUL Jedi, he has demonstrated in the past being able to bring whole ships down.

Now what happens with K’Kruhk and his young charges is still an ongoing mystery. You can follow for now in Star Wars: Dark Times: Fire Carrier but for how long? From Dark Times, K’Kruhk does a good job of hiding. According to the New Essential Chronology we learn he and a Padawan find the Hidden Temple, a Jedi Refuge, it is assumed this is where he was hiding. He manages to stay out of galactic events until well after Luke Skywalker has re established his Jedi Order. It isn’t until some time after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion that he comes out of hiding and rejoins the Order once more. When the galaxy once again turns its back on the Jedi, K’Kruhk helps establish a second Hidden Temple along with Nat Skywalker abandoning the original shortly before the Massacre of Ossus.

The Massacre of Ossus was the last time Cade Skywalker was seen as a Jedi, until a fateful encounter on Cade’s return to the planet his Father died making a heroic last stand.

K’Kruhk would serve on the Jedi High Council along side another Master from his time; Jedi Master T’ra Saa.

He would even stand along side his Imperial brethren the Imperial Knights against the Sith.

At present, in the latest volume of the Legacy series, we see Master K’Kruhk as one of the figure heads for the new Galactic Federation, he is one of three Triumvirates, along with Admiral Gar Stazi, and Empress Marasiah Fel.

The future it would appear is in his hands….

….and he could be in yours.

And now you know. The Empire couldn’t silence him, nor could the One Sith.

The Force is truly with Master K’Kruhk.



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