Defenders of the Last Jedi – SWBW #4


Sadly Teresa had to sit this episode out but Aaron was happy to be joined by guest Eric Geller, writer at and host of the popular Forcecast podcast.

The discussion topic this month was the newly announced The Star Wars comics series. Aaron and Eric talk about their thoughts on the Dark Horse comic series which will adapt George Lucas’ early draft for Star Wars. Han Solo was a lizard!?

Next they reviewed the novel The Last Jedi and were a bit mixed on their feelings for it. Should droids have the Force? Is Jax Pavan a character that matters? Is the Expanded Universe mirroring itself too much? These are all question that came up in the discussion.

Lastly they reviewed the comic Clone Wars: Defenders of the Lost Temple. This was Eric’s first comic ever! Listen in as Aaron and Eric discuss if clones should be Force sensitive, Teen Titans, the Death Watch, how Eric doesn’t really like Pre Vizsla, and much more!

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