Space Hillbillies – SWR #88


The internet’s Brian Brushwood joins us for this special episode of the SWR podcast!

We talk about:

  • Brian’s history with Star Wars
  • What Star Wars was like in the “Dark times”
  • Thoughts on what the Disney Buy means

And much more!

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  • alamohenri

    Thanks for the insightful interview. Mr. Brushwood was a great guest. I think my biggest takeaway from listening to this is that, regardless of your level of fandom in the Star Wars universe, we are all now collectively emerging from the deep, black sea of hate and cynicism that engulfed us after the disappointment of the prequels, and are once again feeling the warmth of the sun of optimism and excitement that is the Disney deal. I love loving things, and I’m glad that it’s okay to be unironically psyched for new Star Wars films again.

    • Riley Blanton

      Well Said! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Stell

    First time seeing Riley….Looks less like I expected and is rather cute!