John Jackson Miller Interview – SWBW #5


Before we release our regular May episode we are happy to bring you a special interview episode. We were thrilled to be able to interview prolific Star Wars writer John Jackson Miller! He is the writer of various Star Wars books and comics including Knights of the Old Republic, Lost Tribe of the Sith, Knight Errant, and the upcoming novel Kenobi.

At the top of the interview we discussed his personal Star Wars fandom and how it lead to a career in comics. He also shared his thoughts on the upcoming Rebels animated series and why he is excited for it. Other subjects that came up in the conversation were new and old Star Trek and Doctor Who.

A large part of the interview focused on the story of Kerra Holt in the Knight Errant series (we will be reviewing Volume 3 of those comics in our next episode). John discussed his other Star Wars works as well including commentary on characters from Knights of the Old Republic and the Lost Tribe of the Sith.

And of course we had to ask him about the upcoming novel Kenobi. He wasn’t able to get into too many details, but he did spend some time talking about Obi-Wan’s mindset at this time. He also discussed how this book will be different from Star Wars books that we might be used to.

Lastly we discussed a new project that John is working on. He is writing a Kindle Serial for Amazon titled Overdraft: The Orion OffensiveKindle Serials are stories published in episodes. You pay just $1.99 for the whole series and the episodes will be delivered to you every couple weeks. This serial currently contains four episodes and will have a total of eight. You can purchase it here.

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