Ghost Prison Escape – SWBW #6


On our May episode of Star Wars Bookworms we were happy to welcome back Josh Stolte (@jedishua) of the TechnoRetro Dads and Green Justice podcasts as our guest.

At the top of the episode we discussed the announcement of the new animated series, Star Wars Rebels. We are not a Star Wars animation podcast but a new animated series is bound to effect the Expanded Universe in some way and we discussed some of the possibilities.

For our first review we covered the comic volume Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. We all pretty much agreed that this was one of our favorite comics to come out recently. Dark and gritty with a bunch of surprises… just how I like my comics.

Next we reviewed the third and final volume of the Knight Errant comics titled Escape. This one we were a little more mixed on but overall we all gave it a favorable review. We discussed how we felt about Kerra Holt as a character, the Sith of this era, how the character Yulan looked “Bothanish” and much more!

Also if you missed our interview with Knight Errant writer John Jackson Miller, you can find that here.

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