Voided Death Sentence – SWBW #7


Reviews this episode:
Darth Maul – Death Sentence (comic volume)
Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void (novel)

What better way to start the Summer than with some Star Wars Expanded Universe talk? Unfortunately our regular host Teresa was unable to join Aaron this episode, but we were happy to welcome Mark Hurliman (Star Wars Report and Star Wars Beyond the Films podcasts) as a guest host. Also joining us to share her expert opinions was Tricia Barr (writer for Star Wars Insider). Two amazing and very knowledgeable guests in one episode!

(Check out Tricia’s appearance on Monday’s episode of the podcast Beyond the Screens)

Aaron and the two guests first shared what Star Wars related things they have been up to lately. Mark talked about his excitement for reading Kenobi and Crucible and how he hates getting behind on Expanded Universe materials. Tricia shared how she has recently had an article featured on the cover of Star Wars Insider #142, a piece on Padme Amidala. Aaron talked about his recent trip to San Francisco and how he had the amazing privilege of visiting the Lucasfilm and ILM offices.

For our first review we discussed Darth Maul – Death Sentence. Everyone agreed that the comic was a fun read and the artwork was great. They also poked a little bit of fun at the cat-like character design for the natives in the comic, with Mark suggesting they looked like they were from a Dr. Seuss story. Exactly how bacta can reattach hands and how carbonite works also came up. Nit-picking aside, everyone agreed that they would recommend this comic.

Our next review was of the novel Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void. Mark had not read this one yet but still stuck around for the discussion. Aaron loved the character of Lanoree Brock while Tricia was a little less excited about her as a female character. They also discussed how this book may have leaned a little farther into adult themes than previous Star Wars novels. did this book suffer from being placed in an unknown era with unknown characters? Check out the full episode to see what our host and guests thought.

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