The Dark Knight of Steel- TWL


In this Wampa’s Lair special Karl and Jason do something they’ve never done on the show before: discuss something besides Star Wars! For this special and fun show, Karl and Jason sit down to discuss, or debate really, the difference between The Dark Knight Rises and The Man of Steel: two incredible superhero films and some super fun!


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    Your take on Dark Knight was interesting. Not really my outlook on it, and there’s literally a metric CRAPLOAD of plot holes that you didn’t really talk about… but interesting none the less. And I liked your points of view.
    Man of Steel…. I gotta disagree with a couple points.

    1: Ma and Pa Kent DIDN’T instill any of those values in Clark. They wanted Clark to HIDE the fact that he was super, rather than instill the core value of Superman; that he should help as many people as he can.
    Jon Kent (Kevin Costner, not Michael Keaton) told him that sometimes he would have to let people die because he should hide his power!!!
    2: You should really read Last Days of Krypton by Kevin J Anderson. Amazing read and really tells the story of Krypton and the characters of Zod and Jor-El.
    3: Spoiler Alert. Superman killing Zod…. yea… he really cared about it and tore him up. That’s why he was making out with Lois 15 minutes later… smh.

    Would love it if you guys weighed in on our podcast review of Man of Steel over on

    – Jake Frost