SWCEII: The Hasbro Panel Recap


This was one panel I had planned on waking up early for but unfortunately sleep kept me in bed. When I woke to the awesome coverage by Star Wars Action News I began to realize that sleep was the better choice. I did not expect them to reveal anything major but I had hoped they would reveal some new items. Unfortunately the panel was a bit of a let down. Many of the things they shared were things previously shared with fans at San Diego Comic Con. Here is a brief run-down of the panel:

The panel began with Hasbro and Rovio discussing Angry Birds:

This particular bit I think is pretty cool but I am not sure I would collect the figures. I might however if I decide to play the game. I did rather enjoy the original Angry Birds Star Wars game. After about 1/2 and hour they finally moved off Angry Birds and on to the Black Series and a few other things. Again this was nothing new but here is some of what was shared.

Well that was pretty much it folks. Not much else left to be said but for collector’s this panel was not quite what they were hoping for.


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