Star Wars Episode VII: Construction begins at Pinewood?


Our friends at Jedi News have uncovered news from a very trusted source that a “filming location deal was signed a couple of months ago and studio space and facilities have been block booked for the next ten years at Pinewood Studios.”

10 years? That’s a long time. I’d even venture to speculate that this points to plans beyond just episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Production of those three films might last as long as 7 years, certainly not 10.

Further, Jedi News has heard that the “film has been in pre-production at Pinewood Studios for three and a half months in advance of an August 2013 shooting date.”

“Additionally We hear they have block booked the studios for 10 years and that construction of offices and facilities on-site is underway. Also storage space is being located in the local area.”

Plans move to reality folks! 2015 is coming!


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  • Scott Hume

    Funny. I read this while listening to the latest Ep of SWR where the crew was concerned about the movie being done by May 2015 if filming doesn’t start until Jan 2014. Hmmmm

    • Riley Blanton

      Yeah, this timeline makes much more sense.

  • Keir

    10 years shouldn’t be a huge surprise, considering that Disney announced they’d continue to make Star Wars episodes every three years after Episode 9 comes out.