Star Wars Fans Should Go to Dragon Con; Here’s Why


This is the first year that there was a Star Wars Celebration since the announcement that there will be more theatrical releases!

Problem is… It was in Europe.

So for US fans I submit that the number one 2013 convention destination for you as a Star Wars fan is Dragon Con 2013 in Atlanta GA. Is there an official Lucasfilm presence? No. Are there going to be any major announcements? Nope. Do either of these things matter?

Absolutely not.

There are three main reasons that you, as a fan of the “Wars” should head to ATL this Labor Day weekend and they are as follows:

1. The Star Wars Track

The program that the folks over at SWatDC put together is amazing. And it’s entirely run by volunteer fans. You’ll  get to do cool stuff like learn how to wield a lightsaber from the New York Jedi, there will be an Intro to the EU panel,  Aaron Allston, Michael Stackpole, Timothy Zahn and more SW authors will be on hand to answer fans’ questions, there will be Tauntaun races, (yes that’s a thing) trivia, Rebels, and of course the “Last Party on Alderaan”!

2.  Meet the Stars of Star Wars

Young Boba Fett himself will be there! Daniel Logan is always a super-cool guy who loves to just hang out with the fans. Brilliant sound designer Matthew Wood will also be on hand as well as the smooth scoundrel himself, Billy Dee Williams! (and many more)

3. Hang with fellow fans

The absolute number one reason is just to get to go meet, and hang out with fellow fans. Bethany and I (Riley) will be there all four days and we look forward to seeing great folks from past years and meeting new people this year.

Whether it’s fellow podcasters like Brian and Nanci from Tosche-Station, Shaun from Shauncastic, Bryan Young from Big Shiny Robot and so many more that I didn’t mention, Dragon Con is THE Con to be at if you’re a Star Wars Fan.

Watch the video below to find out what Panels we’ll be on and get a small taste of ATL before the Geeks invade this Labor Day weekend!

Remember we’ll be panelists at the Marriott A706 Fri 02:30 pm and Sat 07:00 pm for the panels; What we know about episode VII thus far and Blogs, Podcasting, Vidding, and FanFic respectively.

See you there!


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