Justin Aclin Interview – SWBW #9


In this first of hopefully three August episodes we had the pleasure of interviewing The Clone Wars comic writer Justin Aclin. Justin was the writer for the two recent The Clone Wars comic digests Defenders of the Lost Temple and The Smuggler’s Code.

You can hear our reviews of these comics in episode #4 and episode #8 of Star Wars Bookworms.

We talk with Justin about his personal fandom and how he got into writing Star Wars comics. We also dig into his stories and get some great answers about characters, artwork, and story decisions.

Was Obi-Wan out of character?

Was the clone Glitch Force sensitive?
Is Rook Pryce a sympathetic character?
Fish with lightsaber noses??
How did you come up with all those cool names?

These questions and more are answered. Also stick around after the credits for some bonus content where we talk a little more candidly about the future of Star Wars.

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