Revenge of the Sith Commentary – SWR #106


I’m pleased to present our feature length commentary for Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith!

We recorded this in the living room of one, Steve Glosson of Geek Our Loud. We hand an absolute blast. ROTS has always been pretty much my favorite SW film. I personally feel that the tragedy of the skywalker saga is told to near perfection in this film.

Anyway we had a great time recording it and I hope you enjoy!

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  • Joao

    Guys, if I could make one tiny suggestion…. It took me quite a while to find the player in this post to play this episode. It’s right under the voicemail info as well, so it threw me off when I first saw it and wasn’t sure it was the stream player at all. Maybe put another player up at the top of the post? Just a suggestion. Maybe I was being a derp, but it just took me a while to find it and I almost gave up.

    • Riley Blanton

      Good point Joao, I’ll try to make time to fix that.

  • Rudy M Alapag Jr

    I would like to hear the Podcast online. Where can i get the news from it? I like the the third Prequel myself. It all explains the whole story of the fall of Anakin to the dark side and becoming the Dark Lord and so on.

    • Riley Blanton

      The best place is iTunes Rudy, or just plug the rss feed into you’re favorite podcatcher.

      • Rudy M Alapag Jr

        I could go to my iTunes and see if I could give it a try.

        • Riley Blanton

          Yep, just go to the iTunes Store and search for the “Star Wars Report”

          • Rudy M Alapag Jr

            only from my oldest brother’s permission because my iTunes has his name and email address on it. i maybe be into BIG trouble by not from the iTunes but from my brother instead. and i have to pay him.

      • Rudy M Alapag Jr

        Ok i would need help finding the Podcast on my iTunes. Where do I go to get it? My iTunes or iTunes store?

  • ZodLovesMaude

    Glad to hear some positive things commenting on Star Wars.

  • Darth Clem

    Good commentary. Always love to hear Steve on Star Wars, and I appreciate a balanced approach to the prequels.
    But I have to say that Padme dying of a “broken heart” is disrespectful to the character, proves that she is weak beyond basic character flaws, and it was an extremely terrible idea by Lucas. It completely ruins the character for me. And yes, I mean completely. I can’t watch any scene with her without thinking about what she becomes in the end. All that setup of a strong female, and this is what we got?
    What kind of woman would abandon her newborn children because of her no-good evil husband letting her down? What is this telling little girls? That if their man turns out to be a jerk then they have nothing to live for? Not even their kids!? As a man, this makes me ill.
    If Padme was in any way a strong person she would have lived for the sake of her children. She abandoned Luke and Leia to a world that was crumbling to darkness, one that might destroy them, because “Ani bwoke hewr widdle hawt” and she just couldn’t live without him on her side!
    This moment started getting to me more and more in the weeks that followed the release, and it took a long time [years!] for me to go back to the prequels after all the letdown. It was the straw that broke the child-like heart of the Star Wars loving camel. There are many flaws in the prequels [that could have all been fixed if Lucas would have allowed a good writer to polish his ideas as Kasdan did, and if he let someone better with actors direct them, as with Kershner], and I can just shake my head at them and move on, but this one always makes me mad and makes it hard for me to enjoy the ending [I have to skip it and pretend that Anakin’s force choke did it]. It’s the worst kind of writing that can ruin everything that it has built upon. I still can’t believe Lucas thought it was a good idea!
    I think the idea [which I believe one of the concept artists had in the
    Art of book] that Padme tries to kill Anakin with a hidden dagger would
    have been much more powerful as it shows that she loves him, but
    realizes that he must be stopped. It shows that she is strong enough to do it herself.
    If she would have died from Anakin “defending” himself from her attack,
    that would have been a brilliant, powerful tragedy! Instead we got utter weakness
    for her resolution.