Kenobi Force Radio – SWBW #13


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Kenobi (novel)

Anyone who listens to Star Wars podcasts is probably familiar with our guest for this episode. We were happy to welcome Jimmy Mac from the podcast RebelForce Radio! Of course since we had him we had to get his take on the Star Wars Expanded Universe. He talked about how he got into the EU while it was still in its infancy, some of the early things he was into, and his dislike for the Black Fleet Crisis. We also discussed what his thoughts are on the Expanded Universe in relation to the new movies coming out.

Next we briefly talked about the upcoming Star Wars Reads Day events (Oct 5th at a bookstore or library near you) and New York Comic Con (Oct 10-13th in NYC). NYCC features a number of Star Wars programming items including Del Rey author signings, an Anthony Daniels Q&A, a Star Wars Rebels panel, and a lot more.

Finally we jumped into our review of Star Wars: Kenobi. Was Kenobi underused in a book with his name on it? Did Star Wars get back to its Western roots? Should Tuskens be able to speak Basic? Why do all the ladies love Obi-Wan? All this and more will be discussed on this latest episode of Star Wars Bookworms.

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