Joe Schreiber Lockdown – SWBW #14


Star Wars Reads Day was this past Saturday and I attended the event in Lancaster, PA. The event was a ton of fun and I would recommend it to all Star Wars fans, especially if you have kids. One of the highlights was the attendance of Star Wars author Joe Schreiber. He is the author of the novels Death Troopers and Red Harvest, but the novel I was excited to hear about was his upcoming Maul: Lockdown.

As Schreiber began to do a reading from the book I decided to turn on my phone’s voice recorder to see if I could catch some good audio for the show. I’m glad I did. The reading from Lockdown ended up being a battle between Darth Maul and a Yuuzhan Vong! Schreiber also had some very interesting things to say about the story and development of the book.

Listen in as Teresa and I discuss Star Wars Reads Day and also play the audio of Schreiber’s reading and his Q&A. After the audio we discuss what we thought about what Schreiber had to say.

Oh yeah…

On the podcast I mention that I might post an exclusive excerpt from Maul: Lockdown. Well here you go. This excerpt picks up right from the end of where Joe left off in his reading. If you thought the excerpt he read from was violent, this next paragraph takes it up a notch. Enjoy.

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