Star Wars: Episode VII to open December 18, 2015


So, in the war between creativity and immediate profit, creativity won the day in 2015 after all.

Disney officially announced December 18, 2015, as the release date for the to-be-titled Star Wars: Episode VII.

Guys. That’s just two years away!

Hopefully, this allows J.J. time to overcome any potential script delays caused by the departure of Michael Arndt.

Here’s the Quote from Alan Horn

“We’re very excited to share the official 2015 release date for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII,’ where it will not only anchor the popular holiday filmgoing season but also ensure our extraordinary filmmaking team has the time needed to deliver a sensational picture,” said Alan Horn, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios.”

Read the full press release here:


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  • Nish

    with all the frenzy regarding the open casting for the new star wars film, I thought I’d write a blog about my own attempts to join the Star Wars universe back when the prequels were first announced.

    In it I discuss how close I came, meeting producer Rick McCallum, as well as exchanging emails with Dough Chiang. I include responses that I received from Lucasfilm and a photo of my ticket to the world première of Episode II.

    Anyway, I think my fellow Star Wars fans would get a kick out of reading it, so please help me share the news!

    Thanks very much.