Star Wars Isn’t Dead


Star Wars isn’t dead.

We live in a time when there’s been unprecedented excitement for the franchise. For years, original trilogy fans have wanted to know the future of the Skywalker clan and the stories that remain to be told after the events Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars Isn’t Dead.

Star Wars fans everywhere want to know, want to have any glimpse at the future of the characters that have become so beloved to the American and world culture. Since Luke Skywalker blew up the Deathstar and good triumphed over evil, this has been something for which the world has hardly dared to dream of for the past 30+ years.

Star Wars isn’t dead.

Star Wars isn’t dead because the prequels. It survived whatever criticism (most far from legitimate) that it received.

Star Wars isn’t dead because of Jar Jar Binks.

Star Wars isn’t dead because its been over marketed.

Star Wars isn’t dead because it’s sold out.

Star Wars isn’t dead because it’s run by evil corporate Disney.

And for Pete’s sake, Star Wars certainly isn’t dead because they’re doing an open casting call.

Star Wars isn’t dead.

As someone has been podcasting for 3 years about a mythology that I deeply connect with, I can say that those who call themselves Star Wars “Purists” and “minimalists” are wrong. During the time of the prequels, and afterwards, the Star Wars fandom and fan community have been more vibrant than it ever was before.

Star Wars Is Forever.

Riley Blanton

Host of the Star Wars Report podcast, Tech enthusiast, former CAP cadet. Opinions are my own and do not represent those of… well… other people.

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