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I can remember a time when the Ewoks were a species that no on really liked in Star Wars fandom. However, these days it seems that to find someone who does not like the Ewoks is rather difficult. I have been pondering how this change occurred and it dawned on me thanks to my friend Aaron Goins that the kids who loved the Ewoks are now adults. When you are a kid you don’t have as loud of a voice as when you are and adult and that is an injustice in and of itself. These days though since we are all the kids who loved the Ewoks we use our blogs, podcast voices, social media voices to spread our love for Ewoks.

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It is no mystery that at Star Wars Weekends in 2013 Warwick Davis’ show was always packed. This was encouraging to me because he is the description of Ewok for me. He did such a wonderful job in that show and I think he may have even turned some of the older fans into Ewok fans. I also loved that Disney had so much fun Ewok merchandise. Last year they were celebrating Return of the Jedi so it made sense that they would market to the masses using the cute little creatures but they did it in a really great way.

The Ewoks are timeless characters and I got to thinking about Episode 7. Will we see Ewoks again in Ep.7 or has their time come and gone. I hope we get to see them again I think it would be really fun to see them in a new light. There was also a comic digest that came out recently called Ewoks Shadows of Endor by Zach Giallongo and this comic was so well done. It made the Ewoks a little more real for me and it gave my favorite Ewoks a place to shine. You can even see in this comic that female Ewoks are just as strong a presence as their male counterparts and I thought this was fantastic.

My only complaint with Ewok merchandise is that all the stuffed plush Ewoks that are made have overly squished faces. I wish that they would make them with a little more of a snout so that they can have some character. That is the one stuffed animal I have never gotten because I have never liked their faces.

Ewoks will live forever in my heart and it seems they will live on forever in the hearts of others as well and I think this is a good thing.

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