The First Time I Saw The Clone Wars


I’ll never forget. It was 2008, and I really wanted to see the season 1 premiere of Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

This was at a time in my life when Star Wars had just come back on to my radar as a result of my discovery of the online fan community. Specifically, my discovery of the podcast that the Galaxy listens to, the Forcecast, (now Rebelforce Radio.) The idea of Star Wars returning to, even the small screen, was something that excited me very much at that time.


Little did I know that a mere four years, and some change later, I would be podcasting about the return of Star Wars to the big screen (but that’s a story for another day.) Sadly, I was presented with a problem. I didn’t have cable television.

No Cartoon Network, no nothing. In fact, I had no idea that they would even post them to,  so I was faced with a great dilemma. There are times in one’s life when one is faced with a great and terrible choice that will forever alter the destiny of said individual. Now in that young teenagers mind, the choice of how to watch the Clone Wars may have posed a possibly similar and equally confusing dilemma. But I was desperate, & I was also resourceful.

Not having a driver’s license at the time, I personally didn’t have any way to travel to a place that might air the episodes, but I did know of such a location. That location was the “game room” on the Bryan College campus in Dayton Tennessee.

Fast forward a few hours: my plan had formulated, & I was ready to execute. There I sat in the passenger seat of the family minivan on my way to the Bryan College campus to watch the premiere episode entitled: “Ambush” with my far too gracious and understanding, dearly beloved mother, who graciously gave me a ride to watch Yoda disperse his great wisdom to those clones in that first episode.


I would never look back.

-Riley Blanton

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