Closing a Chapter – An Expanded Universe Eulogy


I must confess, watching the Star Wars Expanded Universe past present and future video on yesterday left me with the impression that it was a sort of eulogy.

An era of Star Wars is over.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how despite the elation of having new Star Wars films coming to theaters, and the Star Wars saga continuing on in the ownership of a new company, that sacrifices will be made, and now have been made. What was previously known as the “Expanded Universe” will now be placed under the “Legends” banner and will not be the blueprint for the future of the franchise.

I must say, almost anyone could have seen this coming, however it is still sad nonetheless. I think that Lucasfilm and Co. did a the best job they could have done making this transition. I felt the announcement was made with respect to the old universe, and I’m pleased that they’ll be borrowing from the old EU going forward.

End of an Era

I’ve never really considered myself a Star Wars EU fan, as much as simply a Star Wars fan in general. There elements of the EU that I’ve always enjoyed, but I’ve never thought of the EU as my primary expression as a Star Wars fan. However, after watching the video in the press release, I realized just how much of the EU I’ve really loved as a fan. While the post Return of the Jedi era Expanded Universe novels never fully captured my imagination in the way that it did many fans, I did really enjoy stories such as Knights of the Old Republic, the Force Unleashed, Shadows of the Empire, and many other novels, books, comics, & video games.

Even the most ardent film purist must admit to the enormous impact that the Expanded Universe and its many incarnations had on the Star Wars franchise, and the Star Wars fan community.

-Riley Blanton – Twitter

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  • Steven Shinder

    “EUlogy” is more like it. LOL. I heard that there are no plans to continue the EU storylines once the new books hit the shelves. I will miss the Expanded Universe.

  • FlyingJo Mo

    This is very simple. Disney wants to sell more than Lucas ever did …so they came up with the idea of a new universe…Greed will fall upon them eventually as they will turn a legacy into mickey mouse and SW glamor will fade. They betray a dozen of artist, writers, thousand of fans and consumers…or you think T.Zahn and the others will write again for them? If Mara or Jacen or Jaina never existed is like you are mocking upon the artistic creations of people you permitted to tell the story in the first place.
    I spend almost 2.000dollars in novels comics and another 2.000 for lego and other toys for my son. I watched episodes 1,2,3 over 15 times in theaters i’m 45 and i’m generating the cash needed for my son to continue to buy SW products. Tell me why i should keep up spending when Disney think i’m stupid and can be recycled????
    P.S Forgive my english i’m not a native speaker nor live in USA