Catching up, sort of – SWR #127


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The Star Wars ReportOn this week’s podcast, Mark valiantly takes the helm, with fellow 2nd Airborne crew Aaron and Teresa of Star Wars Bookworms.

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  • Will Ahsoka and Rex show up in Rebels?
  • Kinner comes back for Rebels
  • Chewie’s Back?! What did this mean for the EU? (We know now: The EU becomes Legends and everything going forward becomes Canon.)
  • Rebels May 4th tv event
  • Suvudu’s Leia vs. Leia match
  • Star Wars to join Infinity?
  • Maul Game gets the Axe
  • New Kids books and their covers
  • Pics from the shoot
  • The hosts of the Behind the Scenes stage at Star Wars Celebration Anthem announced

And more!

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