Jar Jar Arc (or Jar Jar Has a Girlfriend) – RR Prelude #3


Jar Jar and Mace Windu search for The Disappeared in this episode.


The transition from Republic Forces Radio Network to The Star Wars Report’s Rebels Roundtable continues. Jar Jar has always been a bit of a joke (okay, more than a bit) in Star Wars, used for slapstick and dopey comic relief, mixed with a few rare acts that have truly mattered. But what if Jar Jar were taken seriously by a writer and tossed into an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style of adventure? It was a question probably no one ever asked . . . yet we received the answer anyway in the form of The Disappeared, Parts 1 and 2In this episode, Johnathan, Jen, Jerry, and Nathan take on this two-part tale.


(He was apparently tired of those mothersithin’ cultists on that mothersithin’ moon.)

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Welcome to the Rebels Roundtable prelude and the bonus episodes of Republic Forces Radio Network. Thank you for joining us as the RFRN team is born anew for a new era of Star Wars cartoons.

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