Three Star Wars Characters I have an Irrational Love For


Tastes vary and tastes change, but it is often our first impressions and earliest preferences that stick with us. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen the Star Wars films, but I can tell you that the characters that drew my attention most as a child are still the ones that make me smile every time I watch the films. If you are like me you probably have your own set of supporting or background characters that you love. I thought I would share with you three characters from the original trilogy that I have an irrational love for.

A New Hope: Kabe

A number of thoughts pass through my mind when I see Kabe, the diminutive female Chandra-Fan sidle up to the bar. If the cantina is such a rough-and-tumble place, what is this little critter doing in there? Just how much butt must Kabe kick?

I also am impressed with the eagerness to imbibe that drink of whatever concoction Wuher cooked up. The contrast of large appetite and small stature provides a note of humor in stories.

Finally I am struck with the irrepressible urge to say, “awww, how cute.”

The Empire Strikes Back: Toryn Farr

In the male dominated originally trilogy, Rebel communications officer Toryn Farr sticks out. We learn next to nothing about her, but two things make me always cheer her appearance.

Toryn has some of the coolest toys in the galaxy. The sensor screens that she operates are one of my favorite pieces of set in the entire trilogy.

More important than her tech is Toryn’s courage. She is one of the last to evacuate the Hoth base, even after the Imperials have made landfall and the whole base is shaking she stays in the command center to make sure her comrades can get away.

Return of the Jedi: EV-9D9


Prior to Return of the Jedi we had seen droids that where obstinate, cranky, sarcastic, helpful, brave, and even quietly menacing. When we enter Jabba’s Palace we meet a whole new set of sadistic and evil droids in the bowels of the palace.

Of these droids my favorite is EV-9D9. A supervisor and interrogator droid EV was just plain nasty. Now it is hard to tell if EV is one of my favorite characters because of her appearance in the film or because of how awesome the action figure was.

I received a case of loose Star Wars action figures and accessories from my cousin Joe and EV was one of my favorite figures because of her articulated mouth. I don’t know why I was so tickled by that feature but playing with EV is something I still remember today.

Do you share my irrational love of Kabe, Toryn, and Ev-9D9? Are there other characters you irrationally love? Let me know on Twitter:


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