Top 7 Star Wars His & Her Gifts


Gift shopping isn’t always the easiest task–so many last minute shopping ventures flooding my mind right now. However, the good thing about being in a relationship that embraces inner quirkiness is the abundance of awesome gift options out there! I’ve saved you the trouble of endless browsing. Here are my top, hand-picked, nerd-approved selections that are sure to strike up a romantic force with your loved one.

1.) Matching Bow Ties and Hair Bows


The perfect gift for that couple who can rock geek-chic seamlessly: have you seen unique novelty pieces like these anywhere else? These bow ties are pre-tied and adjustable, and the hair bows are available on different types of clips and headbands. You can also request any kind of customization on these from the shop seller.

2.) Star Wars Cookbook

Ideal for the gourmet couple who loves experimenting in the kitchen, this cookbook has tons of recipes (including hits from previous Star Wars cookbooks) and even comes with three ultra cool cookie cutters to create your wookiee pies and clone scones. The recipes are fun, creative, and tasty, yet simple enough for beginners or children to follow.

3.) Lightsaber Chopsticks

lightsaber chopsticks

Okay, these are just awesome; they actually light up! Surprise your loved one on a Sushi date with these! Or pop them out on a lazy evening with a Star Wars marathon and Chinese. You just can’t miss with these.

4.) Couples Keychain

key chains

These little hand-stamped keychains are too cute! It can be hard to find charms like these that aren’t just on necklaces, so for those who don’t really like jewelry much, this is the perfect alternative.

5.) Bath Towels

Bath towels I love you

Keep a daily reminder of your strong bond. Those famous lines “I love you” and “I know” celebrate one of the most romantic loves scenes in film history. Each towel is embroidered with this quote and silhouettes of Leia and Han in a pretty silver-grey color.

6.) Silly Travel Mugs


Morning coffee just got better. For the couple that is busy and on the go, it’s always nice to have little reminders of each other, especially silly ones that make you smile.

7.) C-3PO & R2-D2 Necklace

R2 and C3PO

If your S.O. is also your best friend, this necklace is the best symbol of your lasting, forever friendship. Each of you get one half of the adored dynamic duo that sticks together no matter what.

-Emily Vasquez
Born and raised in Florida, she is currently a student at USF pursuing a degree in English. She is a self-diagnosed workaholic and freelance writer who is involved with MyAreaNetwork, EmilyRose Couture, GirlZone, and Glass-Book. In her free time she loves practicing yoga, a good book, blogging, bubble baths, and eating Taco Bell with her boyfriend. For updates, follow her on twitter: @xoemilyleigh.

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