3 Underrated Comic Legends You May Not Know About


Today we’re going to take a look at 3 characters from Star Wars Legends, you may or may not, know about. Strap in. LegendsOne of the first characters from Legends that spring to mind is Vilmarh Grahrk a.k.a. Villie. A character who entered into Legends back in March of 2000, first appearing in Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars Tales #3 “Deal with a Demon.” Villie would also star prominently in stories set in the Prequel era. He was often the unwilling side-kick to Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos. And could be seen working for Darth Sidious from time to time. Villie had a special way of dealing with the galaxy, as well as a Yoda like quality to his speech. In many respects he was Jar Jar done right, or a Han Solo archetype character.Villie_With_Vos Villie wasn’t entirely without honor. During the Clone Wars, Villie almost met his end, but was rescued by none other than Quinlan Vos. Villie was able to return the favor after the events of Order 66 when he found Vos near death, and used a clone’s body as a proxy for Vos’s and told the Clones that came looking for the Jedi, that he had killed him and was burning the body out of respect. He then smuggled Vos off world, repaying the Jedi one last time.

You can learn more about Grahrk here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Vilmarh_Grahrk

Up next we have Alpha, the Clone who might-have-been-Rex. Alpha17-JabiimFirst appearing in Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars: Republic line in its 50th issue, “The Defense of Kamino.” Alpha was activated in defense of Kamino. Two months into the Clone Wars, the Separatists make a bold move by attacking the heart of the Republic; it’s cloning facilities! Luckily for the Republic, clone ARC Trooper Alpha and some fellows were on hand to save the day. Alpha also shook up the Jedi when he rigged the clone labs to explode should the Republic fail to hold the Separatist forces back. When Alpha stated “They grow up loyal to the Republic, or they don’t grow up at all,” about his fellow clones, the Jedi knew that the ARCs were indeed more like their template, Jango Fett, than the average trooper. Jabiim3Alpha would later be tasked with going with Kenobi and Skywalker to a moon over Naboo, and would eventually go with the two on many adventures. One such adventure was to the world Jabiim. One of the most savage conflicts during the Clone Wars, this conflict would test many young Padawans, and force many more to stand up as full Jedi, despite the lack of formal training. swcwv3p4Unlike Captain Rex, Alpha was around when Anakin was still considered a Padawan, and Anakin would have an impact on Alpha, when he later gets assigned back to Kamino to train future commanders, Skywalker convinces Alpha to give the clones names. Some of his first troopers would be Cody, Appo, Neyo, Bacara, Gree, Bly, Fordo, Salvo and Faie. Alpha would watch young Skywalker grow, much like Rex would watch Ahsoka, but not over as long a time frame. In fact, Rex was originally going to be Alpha in The Clone Wars animated series, until George Lucas asked that he not be used for fear of having an A-Team with Anakin, Artoo, Ahsoka, and Alpha, so Rex was created. How Alpha fits within the 501st chain of command has yet to be locked down, and in one tale in Legends called Obsession, Alpha’s final fate remains in question. Though of all of Alpha’s adventures none stand out more than the time he and Kenobi find themselves captured and tortured by Asajj Ventress. AlphatortureAlpha proved why ARC troopers were the best troopers for the job time and time again. Eventually helping Kenobi escape, this comic would be immortalized in a Dark Horse Comics 2-pack with Alpha and Kenobi with a Sith-Torture-Mask optional head for Kenobi.

You can learn more about Alpha here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alpha-17

Lastly we come to a personal favorite of mine. Corran Horn. A character more noted for his role in the books of Legends. This character first appeared in the Star Wars Adventure Journal short story Missed Chance back in January of 1995, which was later collected in the novel entitled Tales of the Empire. PurgeSecondsToDieNJOVisionCorran’s first comic appearance (besides in a vision of the future in Purge: Seconds to Die as seen above, 2nd from left.) was during issues 25-27 of the Rogue Squadron series collected under both the “Family Ties” and the “Blood and Honor” story arcs. Corran’s story is told primarily in the book medium of Legends. Raised as a Horn, Corran never knew that he and his father were not actually born in the Horn family. Corran’s father Valin “Hal” Horn, had been adopted as a youth by his father’s best friend, and sometimes partner Rostek Horn. When Emperor Palpatine executed Order 66, Jedi everywhere were marked for death, and hunted down. The only way for Corran’s grandfather Nejaa Halcyon to keep his son Hal alive was to let Rostek take him and raise him as his own. Thus Corran was raised under the impression that he was the 3rd generation CoreSec Police officer, following his Father and Grandfather’s footsteps. While a CoreSec Officer Corran had a couple opportunities to rub elbows with some of the pilots of Rogue Squadron. Which earned him some respect from the aces pilots who were on a mission to Corellia. Corran even had his own reasons to hate the Empire, when bounty hunter Bossk shot and killed Valin, Corran hunted the Trandoshan down and brought him to justice, for the Empire to turn around and turn the bounty hunter loose and claimed no foul play. His father’s death weighed heavily on young Corran, having witnessed the incident, and being helpless to save his father.corraniella3

I saw my father get shot up. Murdered. And I couldn’t do anything about it. I was a hundred meters away, watching him by remote, backing him up, when a bounty hunter walked into the cantina and lit up the booth where he was sitting with two other people. Killed them all and I couldn’t do anything about it. I got there and held my father in my arms, but it was too late.
―Corran Horn

Corran’s father Valin had taught him some of the ways of the Jedi, but in such secrecy, even Corran didn’t know that was what he was doing. He was taught to follow his “gut” and it would be this habit that would get him through many situations, and help him gauge friend from foe in his journey. He would later end up joining the Rebellion, and would quickly be tapped for Rogue Squadron. He even brought his own CorSec X-Wing with him. Most notable for its CorSec green paint scheme. Corran_Horn_X-wing

It is during the events of the Rogue Squadron book series that Corran learns the truth of his heritage. And that Jedi blood flows through his veins. In this regard, Corran always felt like Luke Skywalker 2.0 to me, he always tried to follow his father’s footsteps, and learning Hal knew about the truth was one of those angles that brought a lot of enjoyment to me as a reader. And watching him as a pilot take on challenge after challenge was a fun ride, he brought a certain Han Solo cockiness to life. In Star Wars: I, Jedi Corran finally embraces his Jedi heritage, he undertook training at Luke’s Jedi Praxeum to gain Jedi skills to help him find his kidnapped wife Mirax. After rescuing Mirax they would later go on to raise a family, two children also Force-sensitive,and Corran would become a Master in the New Jedi Order, but that’s a tale for another time.640px-CorranHornVersusShedaoShai

You can learn more here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Corran_Horn

With that we come to a close, we hope your interest has been piqued, and you want to know more about these Legendary characters from Legends.

-Mark Hurliman

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