Legendary Authors at Dragon Con 2014 – SWBW #31


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More Dragon Con coverage from Star Wars Bookworms!

Last episode Aaron and Teresa gave a recap of their experiences at Dragon Con 2014 and shared the audio from the first panel they moderated featuring authors Timothy Zahn and Christie Golden. This episode our hosts talk about their time preparing for and moderating the second Star Wars author panel about canon and Legends.

This panel featured Zahn and Golden again as well as notable Star Wars authors Kevin Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Michael Stackpole, and Dave Wolverton. The authors talked about what the Legends label means to them, weaving continuities together, the future of Star Wars, and so much more!

And don’t forget. This month we are reading John Jackson Miller’s new Rebels novel, A New Dawn, over at our Goodreads book club. If you haven’t joined us yet, now is the perfect time. A New Dawn is the first novel in the new canon and is a great jumping on point into Star Wars literature. Also, John Jackson Miller himself has joined the book club and is contributing to the conversation over at Goodreads.

Dragon Con Author Panel

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  • Ajay Madhav

    Really enjoyed this panel in-person at Dragon Con and great job moderating! There’s always that one person that is disruptive… but other than that, the panel went smoothly.

    Speaking of first Star Wars books, I started at a rather odd place with Star Wars X-Wing: Iron Fist (Book 6) written by Allston. It was on my middle school’s book catalog. Similar to what was mentioned on the podcast, reading that first book makes you aware of the larger expanded universe and hooks you in.

    I’ve read at least 1 novel from each author on that panel! If you have trouble finding a book to purchase, I would recommend checking out your local library. I’ve read all of the Young Jedi Knight series via the library.