Star Wars Themed Merchandise at NYCC 2014


Greetings Bothans! Johnamarie Macias is here bringing you a post about some of her adventures at the 2014 New York Comic Con! Focusing on the Star Wars merchandise there, she also includes a lot of great pictures of her finds! You guys are probably familiar with Johnamarie from her work at Making Star Wars, or the podcast Now This Is Podcasting!, but I want to encourage you to check out her site The Wookiee Gunner! With that, I’ll let you all start drooling over the merchandise! ~ Bethany Blanton

The red-carpeted show floor at New York Comic Con was a maze of endless awe and wonder, filled with comic book long boxes, displays of the latest and upcoming books, walls of graphic t-shirts, and various other booths of merchandise. From Avengers to zombies, this year’s exhibitors brought an exceptional array of new toys, vintage items, and custom-made pieces that would make your wallets and purses cringe. As a Star Wars fan, the mighty need to come away with something awesome nearly overpowered me several times. Though I left the con empty-handed, I discovered and photographed wonderful and unique Star Wars items as well as some familiar products.

Frombie: Friendly Zombies

Founded in 2010 and based in Florida, Frombie aims to put a fresh and creative spin on the concept of zombies. The company creates collectible resin and vinyl limited edition toys, collectible pins, comic books, posters, and much more. This past weekend, the Frombie booth had with them collectible trading pins and limited edition toys inspired by characters from Star Wars, specifically R2-D2, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Stormtroopers.

Rizzo Michelle, Custom Toy Artist

Rizzo Michelle is a self-taught artist, clothing/jewelry/amateur toy designer, and My Little Pony customizer. At the corner of her booth, sat custom-made Star Wars themed ponies, including Darth Maul, Jabba the Hutt, and a tauntaun.

Out of the Toy Box Jewelry

Known for creating jewelry inspired by toys and popular characters, Out of the Toy Box Jewelry had a wall display of custom-made earrings and necklaces from a galaxy far, far away.

Vintage Robot

The Vintage Robot is known as an independent Robot fabrication facility in New York that works “diligently to supply humans with Robots.” The recycling theme is something that Vintage Robot keeps in mind when creating Robot accessories. Materials used come from recycled computers, phones, watches, jewelry, and comic books.


Spell “comic art” backwards and you’ll get Tracimoc, a shop that takes pages from comic books and transforms them into useable and wearable art, such as accessories, jewelry, and wallets. The Tracimoc booth had impressive Star Wars cut-out letters made with old Star Wars comic books.

Alternate Reality Costuming

Alternate Reality Costuming is a custom costuming company that specializes in cosplay and historic costumes. The owners also create awesome Star Wars canvas bags and hair bows with various Star Wars fabrics currently available in the market. For those looking to wear vintage Star Wars ties to work or an event, Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, Cards & Collectibles has also got you covered.

Shadows on the Wall Autographs

If you’re looking to carry some Corellian orange juice or blue milk in your travels through space, the Boba Fett flask from Shadows on the Wall Autographs will do the trick!

No matter where you turned on the con floor, Star Wars was there to greet you. Toys, shirts, LEGO figures, and so many other Star Wars themed products covered the booths more than any other franchise. Star Wars was literally painted everywhere, and that, for me, made New York Comic Con all the more special.

Johnamarie Macias

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