New Star Wars Rebels Products From International Toy Distributors


Wholesale and licensed toy distributors from Spain acquired brand new Star Wars Rebels items earlier this week. Though the merchandise is only available for purchase by retailers, you can’t help but look for an “Add to Cart” button somewhere to grab a few items for yourself. The Disney Store currently contains various Star Wars and Star Wars Rebels products, as do other retailers, but here’s hoping the following merchandise reaches consumers domestically as soon as possible.

Cerda Licensed Collections has in stock red camouflage items for everyday school use and winter wear, from backpacks to gloves.‘s wholesale store online offers a wide range of stationary products, toys, bags, and accessories, including Rebels items with previously seen promotional images.

Finally, PepeToys also has a few items with a different design.

Stay tuned to find out if any retailers have purchased some of these supplies to sell to customers. Since these are international wholesale distributors, I hope to see these items on shelves and available through online stores for domestic fans looking to add more Star Wars Rebels products in their lives.

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