Rebels Review: Fight or Flight or Fighter….


Mitchell Stein: Last week I discussed Ezra and Zeb’s complex friendship, which I speculated would lead to some very interesting story arcs. This week, we return to focus again once more on Ezra and Zeb, but not quite in as entertaining a way this time.

As it being just the third episode of this brand-new series, Fighter Flight was pretty dull for me, especially in comparison to Spark of Rebellion and Droids in Distress. There’s not much more character development, which this show so urgently needs, and the story itself was rather dull.

We’re brought into the marketplace where we are introduced to a character named Morad Sumar, who seems to have a connection with Ezra from his past. When Morad is captured, Ezra and Zeb set off to save him, thwarting the Imperial troops once again, and knocking ’em out with space pineapples. Really.


This episode didn’t really do much. It was entertaining, had some good gags, but really in the end contributes nothing to the continuous story. Even though watching the episodes in order isn’t necessary to enjoy the series, more time should be spent on the Imperials hunting down the rebels. Isn’t that the whole point of this show?


There’s really not that much to be said about this week’s episode. It wasn’t awful by any means, but a poor follow up to what we’ve seen in the last two episodes. The series has a cast of fantastic characters at its disposal, and it hasn’t stretched the focus onto the other characters enough. Kanan is a confusing character, and I’m not really sure what to make of him at this point, but all the writers seem to be doing is just tossing him around in various scenes giving orders to the crew. I have no doubt that the spotlight will shine on him, but I hope it’s sometime soon. Hera and Sabine are both great dynamic characters who we barely spent any time with. Like I said last week, the Ezra and Zeb relationship will bring great story arcs, but now is not the time for it. The first few episodes of a series are crucial to its success.

Update: I just watched the latest episode Rise of the Old Masters and it is fantastic! Look for my review of it soon.

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