Rebels Review: Rise of the Old Masters


Rise of the Old Masters is a promising new addition to the future of Star Wars

Mitchell Stein: Following a rather disappointing episode (to me), Star Wars Rebels really scored a home run with this weeks installment Rise of the Old Masters. What I viewed this Monday night is the episode all Star Wars fans were waiting for. Finally, the episode that defined the entire series has arrived.


As I said in my first review of the series, this is the closest production to the original trilogy that we’ve received in years, and this episode was no different. Yoda’s famous message of “do or do not, there is no try” was used here too, as the series continues to focus more on its original roots, which I can’t get enough of.


While last week focused once again on Ezra and Zeb, that relationship took a major backseat in this week’s storyline, and focused a little more on the Kanan and Ezra relationship, but the other characters, including Sabine and Hera, got a little more chance to shine. The writers are taking many steps in the right direction.


But the most important element that was introduced in this episode was the series villain, the Inquisitor, who is a deadly Jedi-hunter that is obviously not to be trusted. This dangerous character introduction was absolutely perfect. The Inqusitor raises the bar on the series story-telling, and brings that dark-aspect that was lacking to the show. I mean, these events follow the massive Jedi massacres; it would be expected to be nothing short of being as dark as possible, and it looks like that’s where the Inquisitor comes in.


I really enjoyed this episode a lot. Last week was an episode that had me concerned about the direction of the story in this series, but this episode Rise of the Old Masters was a return to the quality of The Clone Wars, and a promising addition to the future of Star Wars Rebels. The story, visuals, and humor all fell into place perfectly in this episode, and I’m really looking forward to where this takes us going forward!

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