Rise of the Old Masters (or Bait and Switch) – Rebels Roundtable #4


The Star Wars Report’s Rebels Roundtable takes on Rise of the Old Masters.


The Star Wars Report’s Rebels Roundtable returns this week to check out the Season 1 episode Rise of the Old Masters, the third “regular” episode in the series’ run.


 (Anyone not in their teens is required to cross their arms and scowl when watching the news.)

Join Johnathan, Berent, Nathan, and special guest (Republic Forces Radio Network panelist) Jerry as they discuss the episode. Was this episode’s premise a bit of “bait and switch?” Did the Inquisitor live up to the hype? Just how proficient is Kanan at Force use (or is it just “whatever the current scene requires”)? All this and more in this episode of Rebels Roundtable.

Download the MP3 of this episode HERE (right click, save as).

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    The Mortis arc Terrible? What? Those were some of the best!

    • SWR’s RR

      Our issue with it (from RFRN) was that it threw out its own rules of the story in the third part. It was solid up until then, but all of the motivations and “rules” of how the Dagger and the powers of the Ones worked were tossed out in the climactic episode. The death of the Father would make Son all powerful . . . or the death of the Father makes Son mortal and/or vulnerable and is his only weakness. He wants Father dead, then he doesn’t. And so on . . .