Shootin’ The Sith- TWL #109


WampasLair_SquareIn their latest episode, Karl and Jason finally get back together after Jason’s Comic-Con trip just to talk lots of Star Wars happenings that have been going on! From music to potential TFA plot points, to their love of Rebels, all sorts of topics get covered in this one!


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  • jgalley

    Really? Like or hate Superman it’s no friggin contest. I can’t see how anyone outside of picking Vader because they hate Superman can say otherwise.

    Superman doesn’t need to breath…force choke is out. Superman can survive a nuclear somehow I don’t see force lightning doing him any harm.

    The ONLY way Vader has a shot is if The Force is considered “magic”

    But even then..Superman is almost as fast as the flash..who’s faster than the speed of light….Vader wouldn’t even process Superman standing in front of him before Kal-El ripped off Vaders head.

    Lightsaber? Again…nuclear bomb..I don’t see the saber being any issue.

    Superman can juggle planets. survive in space un-aided. Doesn’t need to breath. Flies…shoots heat out of his eyes hotter than a lightsaber….

    There’s no all. Again the ONLY way Vader has a shot is if the force is considered magic and Vader somehow get’s the drop on Superman and “alpha-strikes” him.

    The pro-Vader responses only show complete lack of knowledge about Superman and are just downright ludicrous.