Rebels Review: Idiots Array


Mitchell SteinLast week I was a bit underwhelmed by the appearance of Yoda voiced by the legendary Frank Oz in “Path of the Jedi,” and at the end of my review, I requested that if the writers could ever score another legendary original Star Wars character they should use them to the highest capacity. Well, it seems like the writers were listening, because this week delivered in extreme perfection.


This week’s episode “Idiots Array” was a truly fabulous one. It marked the return of Billy Dee Williams to the Star Wars universe as Lando Calrissian, which was as perfect as an appearance I could have ever asked for. Unlike Yoda’s appearance last week I was concerned about how they would play Lando into the story. I’m happy that the performance by Williams and Lando’s role in the story played out in spades.

It’s certainly not an episode that feels like a game-changing one, but by breaking it down, it certainly has the potential to have an impact on the series. The series just potentially set up a new recurring character and villain which could really be used in any future episode. As awesome as the Inquisitor is, the show needs more antagonists moving the plot along in more diverse ways so we won’t risk being bored of them in a few seasons down the road. As much as this episode is about Lando though, the show this week belonged to Hera. The spotlight focuses on her and her impact on the team, which is something that doesn’t get nearly enough focus on the show.


Lando’s return makes me wonder about other potential guest stars, Harrison Ford back as Han Solo? Mark Hamill could return as Luke (should they ever visit Tatooine), James Earl Jones could return for a larger cameo, and the list goes on and on! (Or at least one can wish and dream.)

Something I haven’t mentioned with the previous episodes is the show’s animation, and how much it has improved since Spark of Rebellion. As fantastic as it was, the animation felt rather flat, but it’s really evolved since the movie premiere, and it’s gotten really fantastic since. The settings are wonderfully designed and filled with vibrant colors. I’m pleased with what the animation has accomplished since the first episode.


So, in the end, it might feel like a filler episode, but it’s really a great, entertaining new entry to the already fantastic series and is a perfect return for Lando to the SW universe. This episode is one that should have fans particularly excited about.

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