A Moff by any other name… (Stephen Stanton Returns) – SWR #157


Stephen Stanton joins the crew to discuss Tarkin, The Clone Wars, Rebels, the Story Group in action, and so much more! All on this week’s STAR WARS REPORT podcast! SWR 2

In this week’s episode we also want to raise awareness for the Starlight foundation. For for information about them head to http://www.starlight.org/

On this episode, Riley and Mark bring on special guest and friend of the show Stephen Stanton to discuss things like:

-How did the transition from TCW to Rebels come about?
-Has the production process changed? (and is there any contact with the Story group in the process?)
-Stanton paints a  picture; how does a recording session for Rebels go down?
-What projects are Stanton and Co. working on now?
-WHO will fall? With such great insight, there are so many possibilities.
-Should there be a rebel plot to hide the port that the rebels use to blow up the death star
-And MORE!!

Stephen Stanton Podcast

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