Mac, Mark, & Me – SWR #162


Our Star Wars Celebration Pre-Game winning formula: (Jimmy “Mac” McInerney + The Star Wars Report) + Celebration Anaheim Events = One Great Conversation!
SWR 2Go slyly with Riley, and embark with Mark! It’s this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!

In this week’s episode we invite podcasting super-star extraordinaire Jimmy “Mac” McInerney of RebelForce Radio, as well as a Behind the Scenes Stage Host at Celebration Anaheim, onto the show as we discuss the latest news in Fandom, as well as Star Wars Celebration(s) past and future. As well as other tidbits coming our way at Celebration Anaheim.SWR162We quickly catch up with what our hosts have been up so since last we spoke. Mark’s underground adventures continue to impress. DSC_0358You can almost hear Master Yoda as they enter the cave; “Your Weapons, you will not need them.”DSC_0127But at least they had a guide and a MAP! More than we can say for Luke.DSC_0203The Ice features were EPIC! Jakes 19
They were even allowed to go further ahead on a small ledge if they dared. Of course Mark and Regi (seen below) dared, and were rewarded to a sight that few EVER behold! DSC_0320The ice stalagmites seen below are immense. They each were at least 5-6 feet high. They looked like ice people going to a chapel of ice. Elsa would be proud…DSC_0336As you can see below, the ledge was small, and the cave floor is solid ice.Jakes 26And to get out; you get to climb an ice flow!Jakes 29 But that’s just their INTRO!

From there things get EVEN MORE EXCITING as they bring Jimmy Mac on to talk Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, and general stories of their Fandom!

They also talk about:

-Details on the now SOLD-OUT RFR meet up
Is Celebration’s opening panel going to be broadcast worldwide?
-Where to be during the broadcast
-What are Jimmy’s most excited for events?
-How long after Celebration will we have to wait for more Rebels?
-How many episodes will Season 2 have?
-Directions of film makers- and the influences of the great directors / filmakers of our time
-How Ben Burt’s capturing audio influenced Jimmy himself!
Riley’s Top 5 “Can’t Miss” events at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim
-all this, and MORE!!

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