Mara Jade, the Ahsoka Tano of her Time – SWR #170


Han has a wife?! Has Ahsoka become the Mara of our time? Rebels soundtrack available! Did Ridley spill the beans on her lineage?

Many Bothan’s died gathering information for this week’s episode of The Star Wars Report!
SWR 2Go slyly with Riley, and embark with Mark! It’s this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!

I'm his wife

In this week’s episode they talk about:

-Han Solo’s wife Sana Solo
Did Daisy Ridley reveal her characters lineage?
Andy Serkis’s character name revealed
-Kevin Kiner’s Rebels soundtrack is online
Ahsoka Tano of her time: Mara Jade
Their Patreon Launch
-Listener Emails!
-all this, and MORE!!

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  • eron

    I’m hoping the Sana Solo character is along the lines of the crazy ex-girfriend of Jake’s in The Blues Brothers. now who was it that played her?…

  • Zarm

    You realize, regardless of content, that this is the most offensive possible title to an EU fan? I mean, you’re just trolling us… :-)

    • Purity Prydain

      Your EU is dead, son. Accept it.

      • Zarm

        I’ll assume that’s tongue in cheek rather than outright mean-spirited, but considering that it’s in response to a podcast that is literally name-dropping Mara Jade and her place in Star Wars, it seems a bit out of place.

        • Purity Prydain

          It’s as tongue-in-cheek rather than outright mean-spirited as your comment was. Keep an eye out for Mara Jade in ep. VII. I’m sure she’ll be there.

    • Bethany Blanton

      I believe that the point was a comparison that Dunc over at Club Jade made: What Ahsoka is to young fans now is what Mara was/is to many who were reading about her in their teens. Kind of like what Leia was to young movie goers in the 70s, or Padme to young fans of that time. There is no insult meant in the comparison (rather the opposite I believe), and it was pulled from this piece: For me personally, Mara is my favorite Legends only character.

      • Zarm

        My apologies, Bethany- I was likewise trying to be tongue-in-cheek. Since I have had an extreme distaste for the character since the first ‘skyguy,’ the comparison to a beloved, departed Legends character was not my favorite. 😉 I recognize that I’m in the minority; sorry that the humor didn’t really come through.

        • Bethany Blanton

          No worries! Humor/tongue in cheek doesn’t always come across as we’d like via the internet! :) Personally, I wonder if we’ll get to see a more powerful, more mature Ahsoka in Rebels. I’ve seen the premiere, and it seems that is the case, but of course she’s not the main character, so…. And I’ve always loved Mara. Wish she hadn’t died in Legends.

          • Zarm

            I agree. And never really bought when she did. I don’t see a former Emporer’s Hand being so easily deceived.

  • Purity Prydain

    It will be revealed in Episode 8 that Rey and Kylo Ren are twins separated at birth to protect them. During a lightsaber battle between them, Kylo will say, “No, I am your brother.” Or perhaps Rey will say, “No, I am your sister.”

  • Maleko Hurli man

    So I chose the post title only out of inspiration, I hadn’t thought about it before Dunc’s article, but as far as a character being marketed, Ahsoka Tano IS the Mara Jade of the Canon material in a lot of respects. It isn’t meant as offense, nor to elicit anger from fellow fans, as Defender of the EU I have found myself in a unique position. I am both excited for the new, and sad the old has been put on hold.

    Though as of E3 (2015) we did get a new trailer for TOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire, so the Legends universe has managed to once again grow in content after being put into stasis.

    Will a Mara Jade ever show in Canon? Too early to say, she certainly hasn’t shown up in the OT Films beyond a trading card that was made with her in Jabba’s palace as a dancer, but that wasn’t like Quinlan Vos showing up in TPM, because it wasn’t an actual scene in the film.

    But in the end- the reason I chose the title was due to the conversation that arose in the episode thinking about Club Jade’s article; and about the comparison of Mara and Ahsoka’s marketing to fans.