Star Wars Weekends 2015 – My Experience in Pictures


Star Wars Weekends has become my go-to event for expressing my Star Wars fandom each year. After making my debut at Disney last year, I was looking forward to re-connecting with friends in my Star Wars Family at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but not before stopping by Downtown Disney Thursday night.

2015-06-11 20.23.24
Definitely not Frozen in Orlando.

We got together for an amazing dinner with the podcaster extraordinaire Steve Glosson and RebelForce Radio’s Jimmy Mac and the Mac clan.

2015-06-11 21.16.53
Good times at Downtown Disney

The following morning launched our big Star Wars Day. Friday began the last Star Wars Weekend event and we were ready to ring it in with a big splash. We made it in time for the parade which we got to see with Tom from the Ion Cannon Podcast after running into each other on the Streets of America. The SWW parade always features the absolute best of the best in the world of SW costuming. The 501st were there as always to represent the forces of the empire.

2015-06-12 11.15.00
This Wookiee… Amazing
2015-06-12 11.12.10
Cue the Imperial March

We also discovered the exclusive Ewoks at Darth’s Mall.

2015-06-12 12.36.09
Yub Yub Commander

Bethany was a big fan.

2015-06-12 12.37.10
This is the face of happiness.
2015-06-12 12.39.23
Just warming by the fire.

After our exploration of Darth’s Mall, we got ready to head over to the RebelForce Radio listener meetup.

2015-06-12 14.44.25
Jimmy, Steve and Tricia doing their thing.
2015-06-12 14.59.07
Selfie at the RFR meetup!
2015-06-12 15.00.47
Jimmy Mac doing what he does best.

After we wrapped up the Meetup, 38 of us all raided Star Tours and had the ride of our lives! then it was time to go catch Frank Oz on stage at SWW

2015-06-12 17.23.44
Frank Oz at SWW

Fortunately, our evening wasn’t over yet. We then headed to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular where our buddy Steve was selected to be part of the show. Be sure to watch his amazing death scene!

2015-06-12 18.38.16
Steve becomes a Star.

We then headed to Darth’s Mall where I ran into Youtuber and Star Wars Celebration coverage host Cory Vidal.

2015-06-12 19.19.27
Corey Vidal in Darths Mall
2015-06-12 19.24.44
Moisture Vaporators in Darths Mall

Outside of Darth’s Mall, we took some time to pose for some photo-ops. Goofiness ensued.

2015-06-12 19.34.45
Look out Sebulba!
2015-06-12 19.35.05
Cue the Force theme.
2015-06-12 19.35.46
Oh no!
2015-06-12 19.38.12
Steve is dreaming of… well, podcasting – who are we kidding.
2015-06-12 19.39.42
Jimmy doesn’t approve of the twin suns.
2015-06-12 19.41.33
Never cross a Clone.
2015-06-12 19.45.13
Me, Jimmy and Steve.
2015-06-12 19.46.30
Bethany and R2D2
2015-06-12 19.47.13
The whole gang!
2015-06-12 19.48.30
Bethany made some trooper friends.

We had an amazing weekend. Friday came to a close and we had to call it a day. However, our  adventures weren’t over yet.

2015-06-13 11.24.23
The opening ceremonies after the parade on Saturday.

I even had the pleasure of interviewing Ashley Eckstein and talked all about Her Universe and Ahsoka Tano. The interview will be up on the blog here later this week, and the audio will be up on the SWR podcast In July.

Talking to Ashley

We had a blast with family all day Saturday and then got to hang out with Steve for one last Hurrah on Sunday.

2015-06-14 14.06.19
We got introduced to Ms. Pacman.
2015-06-14 17.09.32
Fuzzy picture of us ready for Jurrasic World!

And thus our time down in Orlando came to a close. What an Amazing weekend with friends and family. I can’t wait for next Year!


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