Star Wars Upify – SWR #173


Why has Star Wars lasted so long?  What is its allure? Also, Bothan Baller Neil Lowery, growing up on Star Wars, and more!
SWR 2Go slyly with Riley, and embark with Mark! It’s this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!

In this week’s episode we talk about:

-New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Promo Art from Russia!
Jakku’ooine: the not so smoking gun
Morgan Stanley thinks TFA will make $1.95 billion at the box office — and this guess might be too low
-Bothan Baller Neil Lowery joins us to talk his Fandom
-Why has Star Wars been so successful? What is its staying power?
-all this, and MORE!!

Many Bothan’s died gathering information for this week’s episode of The Star Wars Report!

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