Recap: The Star Wars Panel at SDCC


The Verge has put together the highlights of the Star Wars panel from San Diego Comic Con.  While the night did not feature any trailers or posters, it did a lot for fandom.  The night featured Abrams saying he paid due respect to the fandom and the previous films. His comments went a long way to help assure fans of a quality new film, and a give us a solid idea for the new direction of Star Wars. The panel also put the new heroes and villains of the The Force Awakens along side the Legendary Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford!  Fans were especially ecstatic to see Ford as he was absent from Celebration Anaheim.  Also revealed was a stunning behind the scenes video, which can be viewed on the official website of Star Wars.

To top it all off, a Star Wars concert was held after the panel, for everyone who attended.

11741810_1101081803240077_1065043431_n11736951_1101081816573409_706750597_n(Photos by Berent Lawton of Rebels Roundtable)

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