Stuffed Friends – SWR #177


Steve Glosson and Teresa DelGado hold the Star Wars Report fort as they sit down to chat Star Wars news and current events! Micheal Jackson and N-Sync in Star Wars? What Disney logo will we get, if any, for the new films? Stuffed Friends, Fan Reactions on Twitter over Shumer’s GQ photo-shoot recap, and more! On this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!

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This week the hosts of Disney Vault Talk fill in to discuss the latest news and topics in Fandom.

On this week’s episode:

-They discuss the lasting ramifications of the Twitter reactions to the GQ Schumer photo-shoot
-Teresa’s Build-a-Bear adventures, and her attempts to seduce Steve to the Dark Side of Stuffed Friends.
-What does N-Sync, Micheal Jackson, and Jar Jar Binks have in common?
-Del Toro as a Episode 8 villain?
-Will an era of New Star Wars Films EVERY YEAR, deflect attention for films past the NEXT one, as we move forward?
-Wolf, Wolves, and Woofs
-What should the Disney opening logo look like?
-Does the Fox fanfare matter? And will the Disney logo replace it?
-They use Marvel films as an example of opening logos and how Disney handled it in the past
-Episode 7 merch!
-Star Wars App


Many Bothan’s died gathering information for this week’s episode of The Star Wars Report!

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