ANNOUNCEMENT: Star Wars Report Launching “Star Wars Tonight” Podcast


I am beyond thrilled to make this announcement of the newest edition to the Star Wars Report family of podcasts!


From the creatives behind comes a brand-new nightly podcast counting down the last 30 days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters.


Be sure to follow the show on Twitter, @StarWarsTonight.

Star Wars Tonight will be hosted by the Star Wars Report Founder and Editor in Chief Riley Blanton and will feature an incredible lineup of guest hosts. Each day of the week will feature a special guest host with a unique perspective on a fascinating aspect of Star Wars fandom and anything and everything in that galaxy Far, Far, Away.

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Monday brings “Judge JuRY” with Justin Robert Young.


Justin Robert Young is a podcaster, comedian and writer. He is the host of the JuRY podcast, co-host of the Night Attack podcast, and a correspondent for the Daily Tech News Show.


Tuesday’s episode features “Geeking Out Vociferously” with Steve Glosson.


Steve is just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe. He’s the host of the Geek Out Loud podcast and the Founder of the entire GOLiverse of podcasts.


Wednesday’s episode features “According to Amy” with Amy Ratcliffe.


Amy is a contributor to various outlets including Nerdist, IGN, and Star Wars Insider. She is a co-host of the Full of Sith podcast.


Thursday’s episode features “Our Star Wars Story” with Scott Ryfun.


Scott is the Most-Listened-To man in South Georgia Radio! He hosts Mornings from 7 to 10 on 1440 WGIG. He is the host of the incredibly popular “My Star Wars Story” podcast.

Stay tuned for details and be sure to follow the show on Twitter, @StarWarsTonight.

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  • Jedigal

    oh well people must think I am nuts..well I had to be Joan of Arc as who else would follow what seemed a deranged God. Oh I remember George L not wanting the baby as they would have to buy a few toys. He owes my son 1 set of his Star Wars Collection… Now Han and I looked to much in love. It was a strong attraction but we would of seperated by now Happy and content ..good friends. Tell Harrison my cousin ended very beautiful after my dear aunt died. It work into a proper marriage.
    Harrison should be helping too write books….Melissa DID NOT DEVELOP MOST OF THE SCRIPT ET. Melissa said she spent hours and hours listening to the children play Dungeons and Dragons well the game wrecked the film. It should of been Monopoly. Now when did she have time to develop the phone home sequence. He told he spent hours figuring out and I think the lit finger was mine. Elliott was brilliant. Steve and I only talked for a few hours then shook hands. I’ll have more to post later