Brothers of the Broken Horn (or Hondo Sold His Jacket for Crack) – Rebels Roundtable #21


The Star Wars Report’s Rebels Roundtable takes on Always Two There Are.


The Star Wars Report’s Rebels Roundtable returns to check out the fourth true episode of Season 2, Brothers of the Broken Horn.


(Quess who’s back, back, back . . . Back again, ‘gain, ‘gain . . . )

Join Johnathan, Mark, Nathan, and Berent as they discuss the episode. What does Hondo Ohnaka’s return suggest for future escapades? Why is Ezra both brilliant and stupid in this episode? Has there been a funnier episode yet of Rebels? Did Hondo really sell his old jacket for crack? All this and more in this episode of Rebels Roundtable

Download the MP3 of this episode HERE (right click, save as).

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