A Jedi Knight’s Daily Routine


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At those times we see them on the silver screen, the Jedi Knights are fighting battles to take down the evil empire, but what sort of things do they get up to during those times when they are not on camera?

First thing


One thing you won’t find a Jedi Knight doing is grabbing a lie-in, as discipline is central to their code. An early rise is a big part of this and the first thing on the agenda will be breakfast. Although we didn’t get to see the Jedi eating much during the Star Wars films, the first one – A New Hope – did see a Jedi breakfast being prepared and indicated that vegetables, meat and scrambled eggs were part of it. This blend of meat, dairy and vegetables makes sense as the Jedi code demands a healthy, well-balanced diet to help keep the Force at its very best. The same film shows that what is usually referred to as ‘blue milk’ is a favored drink for Jedi.



Following breakfast, the next thing you are likely to find a Jedi Knight doing is getting some exercise. There is no evidence that they are fans of the gym, but there is plenty of evidence that they believe strongly in exercise. This will likely involve a walk or run after breakfast, but Jedi will also make sure that they keep themselves physically active throughout the rest of the day. Physical exercise is a big part of the training to become a Jedi in the first place, as Luke Skywalker discovered, and there is no way they will let those standards slip once they are in. Furthermore, the Jedi Order is made up of great minds as well – including philosophers, scientists and mathematicians – so setting mental tests for themselves will be another part of the morning routine. You can test your Jedi knowledge thanks to Ladbrokes with their Star Wars themed quiz designed to test your inner Jedi.



Following a lunch similar to the meal they had at breakfast, the Jedi Knight will fill free afternoons with a range of activities. As Obi Wan Kenobi demonstrated in A New Hope, passing on Jedi knowledge to younger acolytes is central to the code, so a spot of mentoring will be a typical afternoon activity for a Jedi Knight. On those occasions when they don’t have a particular student – or group – to mentor, the Jedi Knight is liable to spend this part of the day volunteering. Being of service to others is absolutely central to Jedi teaching and thus slumping on the sofa and watching afternoon television or playing video games is not something you would find a Jedi Knight doing.


Asajj V

After the evening meal, which again will be a properly balanced blend of meat, vegetables and dairy, the Jedi Knight is likely to grab the opportunity for an early night when he is not needed. Sleep is well recognized within Jedi teachings for restoring energy levels, so late nights spent at the pub or the nightclub will be frowned upon.

As you can see, what Jedi Knights do on a daily basis is quite different to what we see in the films.

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