Star Wars CoverGirl Make Up Review


Thanks to our friends over at CoverGirl for sending us some samples of their limited Star Wars collection! I got a chance to try out the different mascara, lipstick, and nail polish they sent during my trip to Austin, Texas to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters with some of my Star Wars pals!


You can find the CoverGirl Star Wars make up on their website, and in many different stores and drug stores. They created some amazing looks inspired by Star Wars with their make up:

CoverGirl 1

You can re-create the above looks here, where CoverGirl walks you through the process and different products you’ll need to do so. Below, however, I used their make up samples for everyday looks.

Specifically I used four of their different shades of Star Wars lipstick:

Star Wars Limited Edition Lipstick Cap On

I also used their mascara (and for the collectors out there, they have ten different ones with different quotes):

Star Wars Mascara_Back

And I used two different shades of their nail polish:

Star Wars Nails_Speed of Light_Nemesis_Red Revenge

The CoverGirl limited edition Star Wars collection was inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and was designed to celebrate female fans of Star Wars and to allow them to express themselves and their fandom through make up with either dark or light side looks. I think it’s super cool CoverGirl created this for female fans, and I’ve been very excited to see all the merchandise geared for female fans of Star Wars!

I was also happy to discover that CoverGirl used good ingredients, especially in the lipstick, which includes: Shea, Avocado and Aloe Butters, Olive-derived Squalane (which replicates skin’s natural ingredient to condition itself), Antioxidants: White Tea and Vitamin E. It is nice to know that something that close to my mouth was created with good health in mind!

Lastly, whether your female friend is a make up guru or not, if she’s a Star Wars fan I’m pretty sure she’ll love these! They make a great present for Star Wars fangirls, and I would recommend getting one of the make up sets to create one of the Star Wars specific looks you can find here.

Here are some of the items that I tried out:


Firstly, I’ll say that in each of these pictures I’m using the mascara, which I put on at different thickness levels depending on what I feel like. Layering it/applying it twice is quite helpful in making your lashes longer and in having the mascara show up more clearly. I haven’t had it clump up on me either, which is a big plus!

In this next picture I’m highlighting the darker purple shade (shade 50) (though it doesn’t look as purple when applied very lightly as I did), which I really like! I would dab it on with my finger, though for someone wanting a darker, richer color, just use the lipstick itself (and not your fingers) to apply it. I thought the darker shade when applied more thickly looked nice too, but it tended to dominate my face too much because of my skin color and tone.


This next color, which may be my favorite of the group, is their lighter purple “lilac” (shade 20). In the picture on the left it’s applied more lightly, and on the right more thickly. I liked it both ways, though I preferred the lighter application. I especially liked how it matched my purple Her Universe Star Wars shirt, and it was perfect for the Star Wars premiere! I have on this same shade on in the picture of me below with the Wampa as well. I loved how smoothly the lipstick would apply, and it would stay on for quite some time too!

20151217_132610-01 20151217_133916-01


This next shade is nude, but also has a gold-ish tinge (shade 70), and was also pretty. It was my least favorite of the group simply because it just didn’t match my skin color, but I did still like the shade, and I think it would work better on others.


I really, really liked the nail polish they sent! I noticed some reviews online complained of it peeling, but I definitely didn’t experience that. Aside from a couple of nicks weeks after wearing it, the polish was actually quite difficult to remove, and stayed glossy the entire time I wore it. The shade right below is called “Red Revenge,” and was very bright. I loved how long it lasted on my toes as well. I tend to beat up nail polish pretty quickly, but this polish really lasted well with very few nicks, and re-applying it made it look just as good as new as well.


The other nail polish color I liked was “Nemesis,” and I liked it better for my fingernails as I prefer stronger colors like “Red Revenge” on my toenails. It’s a beautiful, burgundy color that appears darker in the shade, but quite rich in sunlight or other light.


The final lipstick I tried out was a straight up dark red color, which turned out darker than I thought. It’s CoverGirl’s shade 30, and while I like the color, I actually preferred the lilac shade 50 (the first image of me above) for a more natural, pretty look.


On my way back to ATL from Austin, TX, in the below picture I’m wearing only CoverGirl make up, and really like the look it created (despite the fact that the image is a little blurry).


Thanks to CoverGirl for providing samples and information about their Star Wars collection, and for creating another way for female Star Wars fans to express themselves!

Bethany Blanton

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