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To celebrate the beginning of 2016 and the upcoming 200th episode of Star Wars Beyond the Films, hosts Mark and Nathan are giving away items that come from their own Star Wars collections (including some that have the distinction of having been used when creating summaries for Nathan’s The Star Wars Timeline Gold).

Up for grabs in this contest are:

  • A huge prize pack of webcodes (emailed to the winner) for characters and expansions in the digital (PC or mobile device) version of Disney Infinity 3.0, including all of the Star Wars, Marvel, Tron LegacyPirates of the Caribbean, and Nightmare Before Christmas characters released thus far, and more.
  • Two smaller prize packs with Disney Infinity 3.0 webcodes for characters to be used in the digital version of the game.
  • Marvel’s Star Wars #1 – 13 (first printings)
  • Marvel’s Darth Vader #1 – 13 (first printings)
  • Marvel Mini-Series: Lando #1 – 5Princess Leia #1 – 5, and Chewbacca #1 – 2 (all first printings)
  • Aftermath (hardcover)
  • Before the Awakening (hardcover)
  • Battlefront: Twilight Company (hardcover)
  • Sampler Duo: The 2015 Del Rey Star Wars Sampler and the recent Marvel Comics Star Wars preview comic
  • Several separate copies of the recent Marvel Comics Star Wars preview comic
  • A signed copy of the Movie Magic magazine in which Nathan wrote an article on the then-upcoming The Force Awakens.

Moreover, since we know that many of our listeners have picked up Nathan’s Equals and Opposites story from Star Wars Tales in some form, or one of his other published works, and might want a signed item to put with it, every entry (while supplies last) will receive either a signed Star Wars Action News trading card of Nathan (from when that other podcast did a set of trading cards of all of the team members) or a signed WARS Trading Card Game card with some relevance to Nathan’s WARS: The Battle of Phobos novellas from Grail Quest Books.

So, how do you enter? Listen to this brief contest info episode for details!

(Entries must be received by Feb. 29, 2016.)


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